Why K&A?


Priceless Experience:

Over the years we have struggled, we have endured, we have learned, unlearned and re-learned.   We have morphed, and emerged a company that has achieved vast experience in the construction field.  This experience is an asset that we cherish within our company because of one reason; its value to our customers. Our company owners have hands on experience in the many facets of construction. Its owners have and still do build houses from ground up and are in the trenches with their employees.  They are both general contractors who have done footings, erected foundations, formed grade beams and poured concrete. They have framed houses, condos and developed basements. They have insulated, hung drywall, have done finishing work including floor install, cabinet installs, trim and doors, custom tiled showers and railings . They have been up on the roof laying down shingles, have installed siding and soffits, and built decks and fences. Both owners have dealt with clients, timelines, schedules, and contracts over the years both good and bad.  They have both dealt with permits, zoning changes, inspections and inspectors and have worked with the cities and represented the client in a professional setting.  This is the reason we are confident in our abilities to provide the quality and service people expect. We are confident because we have learned to do by doing.


We believe in transparency, honesty, integrity and fair play. We are firm in our belief that we deserve to be paid for the work we do, but we also equally believe that clients should receive what they are paying for. This is the mentality that creates a long lasting company with core values and principles and without doubt results in long lasting relationships with our clients.

We believe the industry in general has become poorly represented by contractors who claim to provide outstanding services but never deliver and leave the client broke, frustrated and cheated.  As a company we believe that clients deserve to be given what they are paying for which is why we believe in doing business "old school". We actually operate with an operating account to cover overhead.  We ask for deposits and progress payments which are held in trust at our legal office to ensure all laws, contracts or otherwise are being followed for the protection of all parties involved.  We will not invoice for a job until it is completed unless its large enough to require a contract which outlines the payment terms.  We believe in communicating with our clients throughout the project to ensure a smooth start, middle and completion.

This "old school" way of doing business is what we believe instills confidence in our clients that their interests are always considered when dealing with us.


We have a team of people that are committed to the success of your project. Our people go above and beyond to ensure that the details are not missed and to ensure that you as the client are happy with the end product.

Quality and Warranty:

The priceless experience that the owners have, and can pass down to its team, results in a completed product with quality. We are not afraid to warranty our work because we are confident that it is being done above industry standards. Our members are always researching better and more innovative ways to accomplish construction.